Montag, 14. April 2008

13.04.2008 - Coheed & Cambria!

Das Theremin

Since I've noticed that even people of the english-speaking community check out this site, "Gestern Noch" will now appear with english translations (by Flo).

Today: Coheed and Cambria.
For days months I've been talking about nothing else.
"And then I'll be standing in FIRST row." - "Yeah, yeah."
And then I'm actually standing in first row!
[nice American] [sweaty]
Claudio plays the theremin with his head.
I catch a pick! In my cleavage!

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Tacaret hat gesagt…

ein Theremin! oooh.....
diese teile sind so toll!
meine momentane lieblingsband verwendet es auch - der gitarrist spielt es mit händen und füssen.

gut gefangen - hrr hrr...